PCS Season

In the United States Foreign Service, the acronym “PCS” refers to a “permanent change of station.”  Most often, this means moving from one country to another for a new posting.  

At most posts, summer is “PCS season,” since this is when the majority of moves are scheduled.  

So, over the summer months, 25% of the households in a community can turn over.  And given that the Foreign Service attracts folks of wide life experience, “PCS season” is a chance to meet a lot of new people often.  All I need to do is to show up and learn from the people that the season shuffles into my life.

Wondering what to do about division in our country?  How about declaring your own “PCS season?”  You don’t have to move countries – just put yourself in the path of new people, committing to create expansive relationships.  (This will likely make your Relationship-Garden Audit more interesting.)