The Mind’s Allergies

My four-year-old was recently gifted a book.

Dan Brown wrote it.  That was the first thing I noticed. “Pooossibly a weird one,” said my snap judgment.  I set it aside.

Some weeks later, my son found it and asked to read it.  

We opened it and were, no joke, entranced for the next hour.

The book is called Wild Symphony.  On each page is a witty poem and (with the free companion app loaded) an orchestral piece, composed by Brown and played by the Zagreb Symphony Orchestra, cleverly introducing the ethos of an animal.  Clues tucked away on each page teach the reader each element of a full orchestra.

The last page features a triumphant musical finale, with each animal playing an instrument that suits them.

Now, both of my sons ask for turns to sit and listen to the music.  They have logged hours of quiet listening to a full orchestra.

So, obviously, my first reaction could not have been more wrong.  It is one more reminder for me to attend to and relinquish my mind’s allergies.  These allergies often close me off from things that might enrich my life.