The Same Story

Our family has three different books that tell the story of the Nutcracker, and our sons are all about them.

This version (my favorite) cleverly tucks ten buttons, which each play a bit of the score, in with the narrative.  (After repetitions of this book last Christmas, our (then) 21-month-old would exclaim, “Cracker!” when part of the ballet’s music would play on the radio.)

This edition, which was my wife’s book as a child, is an Advent calendar, and tells the story in twenty-five tiny picture books.

This book is the most visually striking and includes thoughtful descriptions of the actual production of the ballet.

Of course it is the same story, but each time it is told, the beauty is uniquely revealed.  

I can often forget that the same dynamic is on offer when folks of varied life experience read each of the Gospels (the (same) story) together.