70 Seconds

When I was home caring for our first son, our mornings were structured around an adventure outside the apartment.  We would walk to the library, a museum, or a park, and then head home for lunch and a nap.

One day, I noticed that I always seemed to be rushing to and from these adventures.  Rushing to catch the light before it turned red.  Always trying to find the fastest way through the city to my destination.

Out of curiosity, I timed myself en route to our farthest adventure at a leisurely pace and then going as fast as I could while still walking.

The difference was 70 seconds.

70 seconds!  This was what I gained for giving my attention over to rushing instead of mindful enjoyment of the journey.  

I am still often guilty of speeding in this way.  It is an ongoing challenge to remind myself that this rushing is not worth that which it sacrifices.