Optimist without a Cause

(This is the fourth of the Four Horsemen of Fixed Mindset, four mental stances that clip our potential, limit our intelligence, and stifle budding growth.) 

Someone stuck in this mindset acknowledges, superficially, the difficulty of a given situation, and then imagines how it will resolve without having to engage in meaningful change.  

This is a tricky one because the surface optimism masquerades as a mindset centered on growth.  

But this positivity has no strategy, and is employed as protection from the urgency, complexity, and potential of the situation.  This thin confidence functions to avoid growth, rather than confront the issue head on.

A positive attitude can certainly be an asset as we confront challenges, but it must be accompanied with a story and a strategy that moves us toward the growth of which we are capable.  Avoidance leads us nowhere.