Do You Think I Have To?

We recently potty-trained our two-year-old.  He is fairly independent now.  Sometimes, though, he will come to me and ask, “Do you think I have to pee?”

This is, of course, hilarious, and also illustrative of a fascinating human dynamic.  There are things that only he, over the course of a life, can know and do only as an individual, as a subject.  For example, only he can attend to his inner life.  Only he can have his relationship with God.  Only he can live into his vocation.  (And, of course, only he can know if he has to pee.)  

And this is true for each of us.  Certainly, I need companions on the journey, for the most important things, but only I can make my most important decisions.

Too often, we externalize responsibility onto things outside of ourselves regarding those themes that only we can know and decide.  We look for someone or something to follow instead of listening to our distinct call of how to live in the world. 

Better to attune to our experience and make the next best decision.

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