Opening the Next Door

I am a big fan of our realtor, particularly in how she introduces us to a home on the market.

She is calm and kind as she walks with us through a new space, attentive to any question that we might have.  And while offering this warm presence, she also seems to be one step ahead.  Somehow she is always able to turn on the lights in the next room and to open the doors, closets, and cabinets.

Her seasoned attentiveness frees us to see more than we might, and act, free of pressure, from this expanded vision.

Folks who are skilled at accompaniment do something similar, I think.  They are able to tune in, freed from their own inner chatter.  Their attentive, generous presence helps us see our own experience in better light.  Their questions open doors and turn on the light switch that we couldn’t quite reach. 

What would it take for the church to be a network of people who accompany each other like this?

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