Handing Over the Keys

Today, we move to Germany, the beginning of a two-year stay.  

To prepare for our move, a few days ago, I took our car to CarMax to sell. 

I like to _think_ that I am a person who is generally unattached to belongings.  And our car is not fancy, a little lowest-trim-level SUV, purchased in 2018, also at a CarMax.  But when the nice lady handed me a check and asked for my keys, I got really sad!  I was attached to our unremarkable car!

In this period of transition, I’ve been thinking that a (or maybe _the_?) central task in the spiritual life is letting go… relinquishing everything that is not of the love that is God. And we are not instinctively good at this. It takes practice… not _thinking_ about doing it – but actually doing it. Actually handing over the keys, freed for something better.

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