The Welcome Kit

When a Foreign Service Officer arrives in a new country, a “welcome kit” is waiting for them in their home.  It is a big box of everything the household might need before their belongings arrive in a moving truck.

In terms of quality, think of something that is absolutely above reproach if someone were hunting for a place to trim the budget.  You’ve got some basic sheets.  The cheapest coffee maker.  One plate, bowl, mug, glass for each person living in the house.  A set of pots and pans. A can opener that will exact a price from your knuckles if used.

It is an odd gift, sitting in your house for you on arrival, waiting to be unwrapped.

But it honestly can be a gift, if I let it.  In using the kit, something designed to meet only the most basic needs, I am shown how few my actual needs are.  And so, when our things return, they take up less space in my life.  
With this spaciousness, I am able to see more clearly that everything is a gift… this morning, my loved ones, this world, our existence.  That mindset is a fun place to live.

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