The Tree Stand

I’ve been hiking these days in the forests and farmland around Munich. At the edge of many patches of forest sits a a wooden treestand, like this.

It is made for hunting. Climb the latter with your gear and wait, silently, for whatever might wander by.  

This is what meditation is like, I think, except the point is that there is neither weapon nor aggression. Only two tools are needed: (1) the willingness to behold whatever comes and to let it move along, and (2) the dedication to climb into the treestand day after day.

And there are many treestands available at the treeline. We can all do this.

Two tree stands at the tree line

We can each care for our solitude in this way. When we do, and do so consistently, we are (more) emptied to receive the love woven into our life.

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