The World Does Not Organize Itself

In February, Secretary Blinken made a “Zoom visit” to all serving in the US Foreign Service in Mexico.  In the general session, his parting message was to recall that “the world does not organize itself.”  The upshot is that if we do not, with wisdom and intention, attend to the justice of international relationships, entropy and/or bad actors will cause chaos in our world. 

This is certainly true in the context that he means, and in other places of work, business, and ministry.  And, now more than ever, it is true of our interior worlds.  

If we do not, with wisdom and intention, attend to our relationships with the stuff of our lives and order it according to what is most important, a crush of inputs will fracture our attention and ability.  Overcommitment will overwhelm us.  The endless scroll of social media and outraged news leaves with our attention spent and no energy to reorient it.

Our interior world will not organize itself.  And, if we do not order them, we cannot effectively serve the justice of our city, nation, and world.