Worldwide Available

Officers and their families in the US Foreign Service pledge to be “worldwide available.” Where there is a need, an FSO will go.  

And “bidding season” (the time when it is decided where one will serve next) for us is approaching… so this global availability is felt acutely.

As we research possible postings, we look at the different aspects of life in a certain location… pollution, for example.  In the process, it becomes shockingly clear that we would have a very hard time living in some places because of the air quality.  

That is to say, what is not “worldwide available” is air that will not make you sick.  But billions (billions!) of people live in those places every day, unable to choose a different home.

I think the technology that exists to confront this problem is just the coolest thing.

Blessed are those (entrepreneurs, citizens, scientists) who work to make such solutions more widely available.  

(Want to learn more about this sort of thing at a free virtual conference?  Use this link to join virtual programing at the Claircon conference.  The link includes a discount code,TCACC23, to receive free access.  The conference takes place on May 19 & 20.

You’ll have the opportunity to dive into the engaging sessions in cleantech and sustainability, learn and interact with industry experts, network with like-minded people and discover innovative solutions for a greener future.)

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